"Every fallen angel prays for a second chance to fly again. And over time these tired wings have given in to the same old sins.
You're the only one who makes me feel like I could ever fly again."

Thursday, December 16, 2010

And This Is The Part Where my Procrastination Bites Me In the Butt

"Root" and "canal" seem like very innocent words. Scratch that. They sound terrifying. You trip over one, falling and drowning in the other. Together they form "Root. Canal." Aka. @#$@#$@#$@#$)$^^%#$%#%@#$!@!#%!

My tooth hurts. And it's gonna hurt until the end of freakin January! New Topic. 

I don't swear a whole lot. I mean in my head and in my car, I have the mouth of a drunk redneck, but normally in my average day, I don't swear. I was talking to this guy in my drama class that swears ----- often.  I still don't understand what his reasons were for swearing but then again, I don't understand a whole lot about guys. (And they think girls are confusing.) Anyway, our class in putting together our own play about bullying and we are going to compete with it. And because we are dealing with all types of bullying, swearing is involved a lot. Today my teacher voiced my thoughts. Everyone is using the language so harshly and too much that in the scenes where it could be really effective, it's not. I understand that people use it to make a point, and whatever. I don't really care why people swear. It's just that--- it's drama class. Everyone says "Hey, be yourself. Don't fit in. We accept you." But then, when the script I'm given has the F word four times and I skip over it, everyone snickers. And I can just feel them looking at me thinking "What a goody little two-shoes. She probably thinks she's so cool." 
"Did she seriously use the word 'snickers' while not talking about chocolate? wow. She must be homeschooled."
Even my teachers looked at me like "Are you serious? It's a character."
I think every single person in that class feels so out of place and that's why they are all friends. Sometimes I wish I could have gone to school instead of being homeschooled, just so I could fit in. But at the same time, I like that I'm different. I like that I'm not just like every other girl swearing and hugging the guys. It makes me stand out. But do I really want to stand out? I know I want to get out. Of high school. This town. 
I want to find a cowboy. That's one thing I can laugh at with others, I know it's not likely that I'll ever find the perfect imperfect, rugged, legit cowboy. But still. A girl can dream, right? 
Wow. This was a long post. I'm gonna go stare at my chemistry page. 
And I should probably find someone to punch my left cheek and numb it because this tooth hurts like Hell. 
and hell isn't a swear word. it's in the Bible ;)
I sure hope YOU have a wonderful, root canal-less, High-school chemistry- less, happy day. 

There are four cops having coffee at the table in front of me. I feel like they know I was speeding on the way home last night.....


  1. "There are four cops having coffee at the table in front of me. I feel like they know I was speeding on the way home last night....."

    hahaha hilarious.

    Thanks for your super sweet comment by the way

  2. You are so excited! I love babies and I think expectant mothers are the cutest things ever! God bless!