"Every fallen angel prays for a second chance to fly again. And over time these tired wings have given in to the same old sins.
You're the only one who makes me feel like I could ever fly again."

Thursday, June 30, 2011


OKAY! so I'm like so totally on a sugar high or something because I am suuupper hyperhyperhyper. Yeah! I think it must be the muggy air and polution thats making me crazy. er. Also I think I'm allergic to cats. And my sister has one. And I live with my sister and her cat. SOOO not fun. Any way, I'm gonna go get ready for work and be awesome and make lots of tips oohkay?! YEAH! glad we all agree. Okay bye. Oh, and keep smiling. Smiling is great. so are babies. Actually, I read a story about a baby and thats why I'm smiling. Have the greatest day ever!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

These last few days

Alright so I've missed some days. like two? I can't remember. They all blur together in one big... blur. I believe I did post on day one. So day two was my first day at work. That was fun. That was great. Day three, Saturday, I had to get my own transit to work. now THAT was an adventure. I got on the C23 bus like I was told by my big sister. (first bus ride alone EVER btw). Missed the  skytrain stop of course and ended up at the very end of the bus line which is where the driver turns around and sees an empty bus except for the confused looking girl in cowboy boots and a big belt buckle. (and shirts and pants of course. Sorry, I'm writing this late at night and also I had a coffee about 40 minutes ago.)
So he tells me "Go into the big building with pillars in the front. The station is in there." Hmm, okay Mr Bus Driver. Guess what? This is a freaking city and there are big buildings with pillars EVERYWHERE!!!! but I found it. It convienently had a massive blue sign with a T on it which  assume stands for train. So I got my ticket and found my train and sat down and prayed dearly that I wasn't on the subway going to some foriegn land. Then I sent texts to my sister wondering why it was called a skytrain when it ran mostly underground. finally got to work despite the minor detours and my sister graciously gave me a ride home.
Day four. Today. Transit was a little better. Until I went to find my way to the nearest URC church. Which is like two cities away...
I got to the bus stop and got on the 6 bus. Wrong bus. Butthe driver says "hey sure, theres a station at granville. you can go from there too." If I was smart I would have rode the bus straight to the end cause they all end at waterfront which is the skytrain at the end. but I'm not, so I didn't. Instead I got off at granville, asked someone for help, got more confused, and then panicked. not really, my mind was panicking but my physical appearance appeared as cool as a crips cucumber from the crisper. Did I already explain the late night/coffee thing? - yes I did. alright moving on. Have you ever walked down Granviller street in downtown Vancouver? Have you ever down it when have teh street is closed for Ginormously humongous street fair celebrating latin america/ east indian culture? have you ever done the above in cowboy boots? The boots were the easiest part of this.
I don't do big crowds which is probably why I like my country farm and small town. But they are 13 hours and 1130 kilometers away. I also don't do loud mexican music. Yet, there it was, Big crowds of Vancouverites mulling around a stage blasting Mexican music and featuring kids dancing to it. I thought I was gonna puke I was so scared. I eventually got out of the crowd and countinued walking until I saw Hastings street. That's when I felt the tears well up. Hastings street is possibly the worst street talked about in Vancouver. I was warned about this street to never go there unless I wanted to be stabbed or come home with wierd diseases. So I texted my friend wondering where I was and what to do and then I saw west in front of hastings and remembered that East is teh REALLY bad part. k. Finally got to the skytrain. 5 minutes later figured what train I needed and got on it. second stop I'm still shaking, doors open and people keep coming. and coming. and coming. and holding the doors open when they try to close. and keep coming. Until I was squished up against the skytrainwindow, scared to death that I was donna die from people and confusion overload. And then after 15 minutes or so I got off at the stop and found my friend and listened to a sermon about sin not ruling our lives. And then my friend, I'm just gonna call him M. M and I went to his grandma's house for coffee. Which was delicious. which made me hyper. But I have to check out a western store I've seen tomorrow so I'm going to try and get some sleep. Have a good night and remember: When in doubt as to the direction of the skytrain, Keep. On. Walking. Straight.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cowgirling up in a City - DayOne

Well, day one is over and complete. Day one of homeless people on the sidewalks, Skytrains, MASSIVE stores, and confusion of learning a whole lot of new streets. I am exctied, exhausted, and going to bed. I start work bright and early tomorrow morning at 9:30 and tomorrow night My sister and I are going to a Rihanna concert. That should be interesting...
Anyway, goodnight.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Weekend

What was my weekend? My weekend was meeting the guy I've been texting for the past long time, Discovering that he is just as cool as he seemed over text, embarrassed myself in front of him, saw him in a cowboy hat which just worked... SO well. :) And then between saying random things, or hiding from my family I participated in 4 dance shows. I also saw my friend's confession of faith (her boyfriend is friends with the guy I met) and I missed a LOT of sleep. But man it was worth it. Then The guy left and my life smacked me in the face. Almost every status is something about graduating and every email is my teacher looking for my math homework. I leave in 3 days to go to the city supposedly to return home in August. I'm wondering if that will happen...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last Night

Last night was the Stanely Cup Final. Boston Bruins Vs Vancouver Canucks. Bruins won 4-0 on Canuck Ice and after the final horn blew to signify the end of hockey season until the fall, All the Canucks fans in the stadium were still cheering "Go Canucks Go!" over and over again. It was a beautiful thing to see fans still supporting their team even though they didn't win. Did you know Canucks haven't been that far in the playoffs for 17 years? I think our boys did an amazing season and I'll be there in my Hamhuis Jersey cheering louder then ever next year. After the game... that's when Vancouver's finest came out to start the riots. We thought the Players would be troubled that they lost, Hell no! The Fans were insane. Tipping cars and setting them on fire, breaking the windows of a bank, Ignoring the police telling them to clear the downtown area, and punching anyone who tried to defy this angry mob of Canucks fans who were ruining their beautiful city and embarrassing the team they have cheered for all season.
The saddest part, if you search "Vancouver riots" and look at all the pictures, 4 or 5 people are doing the crimes. 100's of people are standing around either cheering or looking worried. Why didn't someone step in to stop them? Does anyone care about the fact that PEOPLE WERE HURT!!! Police and EMT were out tending tons of injuries and a handful of people were sent to hospitals with serious injuries.
Come on people. This is Canada. We are supposed to be hospitable and good natured. we know how to take wins and losses and we don't start fricken riots! Last night was possibly the most glorious moment for the Canucks team because they played a good game, a good season, and made it farther then that Franchise has ever been. And then they stepped outside to find their own fans drunk and mocking them.
And that's the city, the area, I get to look forward to going to in exactly one week from today. I'm so happy that I'm not there during hockey season.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Well, its that time of day again. The time of day when I get bored and instead of doing school, I blog about the school I should be doing. I have had a very early day today. In fact, I think it started so early that I might have even posted a blog this morning but I can't remember because it was so long ago. I did my English exam today so that course is Finito! Next would be trying to finish up math. Which is what I considered doing but then I realized I have to learn how to work Microsoft Excel so I came here instead.
I am craving subway sooo bad right now. I can just taste the smoked ham, lettuce, tomatoes, cukes, peppers, mmmmm. If I wasn't so broke I might go get some. I think I have to make do with yogurt and apples. They're good too. I guess.
Dress Rehearsal tonight! I'm quite excited because once it's over I can go up to my dad's and my sister and I can watch the Season 2 Premier of Pretty Little Liars! ahhh! I love that show and the books. And once that is done we will help my dad clean the house to my grandmother's expectations in wait for her arrival on Thursday morning. Friday night is Another Opnin', Another Show! Saturday the guy I've been texing for the past 8 months is finally going to come for our mutual friend's Profession of Faith. I think it will be interesting to meet him. Especially since he somehow fell into my care for the weekend. See, Both Jenn and Johnny, the mutual friends, thought they had saturday off, but they are working so this guy that I've never met gets to sit through the Matinee, put up with me for 3 hours, wait another hour for me to finish the night show, and then, I don't know what's gonna happen since the family he's staying with is gonna be at a family dinner. It aughta be an interesting weekend. On Sunday my brother is coming up for my other brother's grad party and then I fly back with him on the 23rd. I think I already covered this though. Anyway, Twill be a busy weekend for sure.
Peace out ya'll.

9 DAYS!!!!!!

away from awesomeness! I have dress rehearsal tonight, A bunch of folks from down south are coming on Thursday, Friday and Sunday, I have dance recital Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Brother's Grad Party on Tuesday, Don't sleep on Wednesday cause I'll be to excited, Thursday... First plane ride in a plane bigger the an 8 seater :D Just so excited!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


There is a little saying in Punjabi which, translated, means someone is thinking of you. And it's like when we say "Bless you." Apparently, whenever you sneeze, it means someone is thinking of you. I've been sneezing because of stress. Not even joking. It's weird but when I get stressed I breakout and sneeze. Soooo attractive. So It makes me a little happy in this trying time of chaos because whether it's God or someone else, If I was in India right now, someone would tell me that someone else is thinking of me. Here, people just say Bless you. or eww. mostly the first one though.
I decided to delete my facebook today because it was my boredom click. I would be in the middle of a big assignment and I 'd say, I  need a break, so I'd check facebook knowing that it was gonna all be the same. But I did it. And you know what? I don't even miss it. It's been a whole 4 hours. maybe 3. still. I'm impressed. If I was really gung ho about the school thing I should probably put a hold on my blog. I thought about it and I just cant bring myself to do it. Besides, I'm checking everyday for baby updates from some ladies I follow and I just couldn't bear to miss those :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It begins

So I've spent the last year and a half living in an 8 ft by 12ft attic with three walls and two boards overlooking my little sisters room. I love it. It was cozy and I got over any claustrophobia real quick. Now after I leave for the summer my family is hoping to put up the fourth wall, knock down the 12 ft wall already in place and extend the room over the other half of the house. the roof slopes so it probably won't go all the way but it does sound cool. So I did my mother's bidding and packed all my room into 7 banker boxes. All  my musicals and dvds are in an old sunkist orange box and my books took up an entire big box almost twice the size of a bankers box. And after that was closed and stacked upon, I found a pile of other books. That made me happy. I love books and I have a dream of one day living on an Island in a little cabin where the top attic room has a window seat surrounded by the most beautiful collection of books. Romantic eh? :) I have a plan to make all my clothes fit into an old army rucksack and everything that I don't get in and don't particularly care about can go to my sisters. I honsetly fully expect to come home to the same room I left and some other part of the house renovated and I think I could be fine with that :) I like my little alcove.
I really hope that I can be faithful to blogging about my summer. I want to write at least every second day but I think if I can do it every day I will sort things out better. Plus that way my family can stalk me with out needing to call me and use all my cell minutes :P
Anyway, Onward to my English assignment and then off to work. Canucks play tonight :S

Lord, Please please pretty please with a cherry and mustard on top let the Canucks win the Stanley Cup. I might be asking out of a selfish heart but I like to think that I'm also praying for the safety of the Bruins fans. If Bruins win the cup.... There will be an angry country coming after them. So, Your will be done but it would just be the most amazing thing ever if the cup could come home to Canada. All my love,
Your hockey fanatic daughter,

Monday, June 6, 2011


uh...... where are my last month going? why are calandar pages flying off the wall? NOOOO!!! I'm not ready to go! I have school to finish and people to see and myself to figure out! I need my country! Who's bright idea was it to send this girl to the CITY for 2 MONTHS?! and who decided that it should happen in 17 days?
oh wait... it was mine.
Why is it that the older you get the longer your days seem to be yet months fly by in a blur? There is no way I can finish all my school before I go, I'm going to be leaving a debt behind to come home to because of dance, I'm kinda freaking out. Also Canucks play tonight at BOSTON so that might add o the nervous stampede of cattle in my tummy right now. Go CANUCKS :)
Trust in the Lord. man i need some help and to start trusting. yay. so I'm gonna continue with my math. And English.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sisters and Brothers

I have a confusing family tree. I may or may not have gone into it in past blog posts but I will just try and lay out the sibling plan so far.
I have an older Sister, Cory, and an older brother, Rob. These are half siblings from my dad. I have a sister 14 months younger then me, Elena. She is my one full sister. I have two younger brothers, Seth and Nathaneal, and two younger sisters, Lizzy and Anja. These are half siblings from my mom. I also have so ex-step brothers who I still count as my brothers even though our paretns divorced ages ago. Garret is older then me, younger then Rob. Mason is 4 months younger then me. Konner is the youngest by about 10 months I guess.
So I have always been surrounded by kids of all ages and as if my dysfunctional family wasn't insane enough, my best friend is the second oldest of 13 kids. (Her mom is actually expecting baby number 14!!!!) All those kids form one marriage, one set of parents. So thankfully I got to see that big families do work out and it isn't always chaos. Movies that bug me the most are the "big crazy family" movies. Like Cheaper By The Dozen, or Yours, Mine and Ours. Movies like those always portray big families as the most chaotic scene with absolutely no discipline in the house and no respect until the end where everyone grudgingly tells the others that they do love them. At my moms I saw the Christian family picture, 8 people in the truck in dresses and Sunday clothes on our way to church. At my dad's I saw the secular 16 year old doing her make up and trying to talk to her homeschooled, sheltered 10 year old sister. I lived with 4 boys, 3 of which were ADHD and probably FAS although the mother won't admit it, either way, It was truly chaos. Maybe that's why we live out in the middle of no where. If someone started a fight, take a walk. If it's to hot inside, jump in the lake. If it's a Sunny Saturday and you're watching TV, get outside and build another tree fort. (seriously we have like 8 tree forts or remnants of forts in the back 40)
Life has had it's crazy moments in big families, but from what I remember, I have always respected my parents, I have never flat out talked back to my dad, I never hung upside down from the railings or slid down the bannister (although one winter we did open the front door and sled down the foyer stairs out onto the porch...) We fought but it was over in a couple minutes. The one time I remember us ever calling each other names and having them stick was when we got into a name calling war and basically it was 4 weekends of kids 9-13 trying to see who could be the meanest just cause. Feelings were hurt, Words were learned, but overall, that wasn't such a bad 4 weekends.
I'm 6 and 3 years younger then Cory and Rob, and 10 years older then Anja. I think the hardest part about big families and the age difference is that eventually the younger kids start to look up to the older ones and the older ones don't really know what to do. Anja is always asking to have a sleepover in my room or if we can go jump on the trampoline. I try to say yes but it's so frustrating because I live in the mind of an 18 year old no longer an 8 year old. As the kids get older I can talk to them and hang out with them easier. But  liked them little. They were so cute and submissive and now all of a sudden they talk back and decide that they don't have to listen to me because I'm not the mom. And boy do I remember when I did that. :)
I have to say, I feel sorry for the only child.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


In The Plane
 1. People in Planes - Lee Brice
2. Baby Girl - Sugarland
3. She's Country - Jason Aldean
4. Call You When I Get There - Tara Oram
5. Country Comes to Town - Toby Kieth
6. This is our Moment - Kenny Chesney
7. Good Day to get Gone - Jason Blaine

8. How we Roll - Britt Nicole
9. A Little bit Country, a Little bit Rock n Roll - Donny and Marie
10. Second Hand Car - The Higgins. 
11. People Know You By Your First Name - Dean Brody


1. Awesome God - Hillsong
2. Everytime I Breathe - Big Daddy Weave

3. Trust You - Brandon Heath
4. Savior Please - Josh Wilson
5. Strong Tower - Kutless
6. Hold Fast - Mercy Me
7. Let My Words Be Few - Rebecca St. James
8. Faith is Living - John Waller
9. Can't Get Away - Rush Of Fools
10. Whatever You're Doing - Sanctus Real
11. While I'm Waiting - John Waller
12. Sunday Drive - Dean Brody

Country Dance That I will Use to Convert my City Slicker Sister

1. Hillbilly Bone - Blake Shelton/ Trace Adkins
2. Firecracker - Josh Turner
3. Thank God I'm a Country Boy - The Road Hammers
4. We're Young and Beautiful - Carrie Underwood
 5. Loud - Big and Rich
 6. Four on the Floor - Lee Brice
7. Country Girl ( Shake it for me) - Luke Bryan 
8. Rockin' into the Night - 38 Special
9. Miss Saturday Night - Molly Hatchet

Sunny days that I don't have to work
1. Falling Apart Together - Lee Brice
2. Hot Grease and Zydeco - George Strait
3. Can't Take my Eyes off You - Lady Antebellum
4. Barefoot Blue Jean Night - Jake Owen
5. Georgia Clay - Josh Kelley
6. I'm in - Keith Urban
7. Summertime - Kenny Chesney
8.  Didn't Even See The Dust - Paul Brandt
9. Watch the Wind Blow By - Time McGraw
10.  That kind of Beautiful - Emerson Drive
11. Sunshine and Summertime - Faith Hill
12. Roll With it - Easton Corbin
13. Roll that Barrel Out - Dean Brody