"Every fallen angel prays for a second chance to fly again. And over time these tired wings have given in to the same old sins.
You're the only one who makes me feel like I could ever fly again."

Friday, March 25, 2011

I hope this puts a smile on your face

Today I started work at about 4:30. oh. and I'm a waitress, that's important to the story. So, I started work around 4:30pm and one of the first tables I had was a group of teenagers. I don't mind serving teens other then the fact that they rarely tip, but that doesn't bother me to much. But tonight's group was smirking when I brought their drinks. I figured it was probably my cowboy boots or maybe the "John Deere Girl" belt buckle. I brought their food and then some more of them came and joined the table. I was wiping the table beside theirs and I could see with my peripheral vision, and hear with my normal ears that they were talking about someone and looking at me. And then I turned to look at them and they whipped back to their food. Whatever, I can take a few random teens snickering at me behind my back. After all, I did spend 8 whole months in a high-school proudly calling myself a drama kid. But I'm still a girl and self consciousness slid in and made my mouth ask my co-worker "Do I have anything on my face?" to which she replied with "nothing unusual." so I went back out to the table gave them their bills and said goodbye.
A guy I hadn't worked with showed up then, around 5, and we chatted and then he went to the kitchen. Table after table came in, and I felt a little off. I messed up lines and I felt like a zombie. I blamed the Sinatra - Kelly musical marathon my friend and I held last night till 3 and then rising at 9 this morning only to make it till 3pm on black coffee, a bowl of cereal, a hard boiled egg and a vitamin water. finally 8:30 rolls around and I'm clearing my tables and trying to get my side duties done so I can leave on time, when..... doors open and 4 new tables walked in. On girl was on her break and the other was already taking the orders of two previous tables so it was up to me. Plaster on the stage smile, quick run through of the lines "hello, how are you this evening?" blah blah blah. I seated the tables and I couldn't help but feel like every single one gave me the tiltedheadslantedeye look. as in "What a peculiar young girl". But I was so tired I payed them no mind after telling the other girls about the tables and I went on to do my cash out. In the office two of the guys I work with were talking, but even though they were talking to each other, they kept looking at me as if something about me was different and they couldn't put their finger on it. 9:15 and I was finally in the staff room getting my things from my locker. I grabbed my shirts from my bag, walked into the bathroom, changed, looked in the mirror and then...
I was the one giving me the weird look. I leaned in closer and under my eye on my cheekbone was a black speck hopefully chocolate, but it was there none the less. And then I thought of all the odd glances from people, snickers behind my back. Not one of my co-workers had thought to tell me through -out that 5 hour shift, that I had food on my face. They had noticed something but they said it just looked like a spot or a mole on my cheek.

I have worked with half these people fore 4 and a half years and the other half I've known for at least a year. None of them knew that I didn't have a mole under my eye. or anywhere on my face for that matter!!!
It was an entertaining night for everyone else, I'm sure. But on the drive home, I was thinking about it and something hit me. Tonight, my evil twin that I don't know about could have kidnapped me and taken my place-- and no one would have noticed. What is our world coming to? *shakes head. lights go down. walks off stage.*

Friday, March 18, 2011

It's a New Dawn, It's a New Day, it's - a midnight post.

Well, I think we are maybe figuring out why I am so sleep deprived all the time....

I won't be long, I'm gonna do English homework while I'm awake, But I just wanted to say something about the Stage Theatre.
It is a blessed, glorious thing. Ballets, Musicals, Plays, Recitals, they all become a class room on the stage. I'd like to single out Musicals here because they are awesome and it's my blog so I can do it if I want to. Musicals are just Wonderful! I would love nothing more than to Study musicals, the music, the script, the characters and then perform each. single. one. All before I'm 25 of course. And by fate, in one of the musical troupes is a straight cowboy who has always had a dream for dancing and singing in musicals. But, he's met me now and He's ready to settle down. So we'll find a nice beautiful little piece of land, build a house, start us a ranch. And then we will never speak to our children. Only sing. And then comes the evil twist of the story. After the singing little minions have been completely oddly raised, we send them into "The Real World" where they will provide much entertainment and merriment because they will not know how to speak. Only how to sing. I don't know where I was going with that. Oh yeah. I love farmers and musicals. And musicals and farmers. and musicals about Farmers.

"7 Brides for 7 Brothers"
"The Phantom of the Opera: A Western"

Mkay. That last one has yet to be made, but I have an excelent plot figured out. (The phantom is actually a ghost goat who is in love with a lamb and he is the phantom of the barn. "The sheep, he sang to me! He seemed so tame! That voice which Bleats for me and made me lame!" I am so stoked.)

So yeah, That's a work in progress. Much like my Math 11. And English and Social Studies and Bible and all of grade 12. Fun fun fun! The fun never stops :[

I hope every one has a wonderful night. I hope you are sleeping safe and sound in your beds and that you will wake up this morning thinking, "My! What a beautiful morning. Let's sing!" and then proceed through your day doing so.

Pray for those in Japan :(

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ready? Showtime sweetie.

You know, sometimes I feel like Rachel from "Glee". And sometimes people's words are like a cold slushie to the face. Today I was told by someone who I greatly admire that he blocks out every conversation he and I have. Gee, thanks. What can I do but smile, laugh and walk away? And try to be nonchalant as if it didn't feel like a slap across the face.
And what's even worse is that I don't want to admire him. He is an arrogant douchebag, but... then he steps on stage. He is an amazing, confidant actor, director, writer and anything else theatre related. And he hates me. I don't know why and I want to know. But I have the sinking feeling that he can't help it. Some people just look at me and think "meh, I'll put up with her I guess." and then they hear me talk and think "meh, I'll put up with her I guess. I don't like her. she's annoying. I'm going to block every conversation I have with her from my head."

He's not actually a douchebag. He is very nice and good looking and amazing and I just hate that I'm not accepted by him and his clique. It wold be awesome to be accepted into the cool clique. And not the short-skirt, wierd clique. No, but the awesomely talented drama clique? yes. That would be sweet.
Have an awesome night! Awesome.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Momma's birthday Poem.

So My mom turned the young age she is now that is 24 years older than what I am yesterday. And when I called her to whish her a happy birthday- man, I have been spelling wish as whish all day. The first one was a spelling mistake but I won't fix it cause other wise I won't make sense. anyway, I called to WISH her a happy birthday and at the end of our conversation she sadly told me that only one person, my aunt, had commented on her facebook wall to say happy birthday. So, me being the wonderful, loving, adoring, brilliant daughter that I am decided to make a bunch of people wish her a happy birthday. Hey look, I spelled it right that time!

So after spamming her wall with messages from me, young me, old me, my alter ego -sam, and a message from whoever she would like it to be from, I left with this witty little piece of love.
I love you mother dearest
now let this line be told.
I love you though I'm young
And I love you though you're old.

...haha just a joke
you aren't old at all.
I was just confused
because you're no longer tall.

um, 'kay now please still love me.
This poem is kinda failing
happy birthday to my momma
and I'll still love you when you're..... ailing?

♥ lots of love and birthday wishes :)