"Every fallen angel prays for a second chance to fly again. And over time these tired wings have given in to the same old sins.
You're the only one who makes me feel like I could ever fly again."

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Never knew I had such manly features.....

On my Yahoo account I have limited profile, only email my dad and occasionally other people I know, and I never get spam. So when my spam box had an email in it, my curiosity was piqued. imagine my surprise to find the following:

Good day!
My name is Anastasia.
I want to search my love. I search for the man for long-term relations. I want
to have serious relations and real love. Therefore if you do not want
it that you should not answer my message. I have looked your profile and I
think that we can suit each other. Maybe learning more about each other we
can have long-term relations. I shall write more about myself and send you
my photo if you will interest in my letter. You can answer me to my e-mail:

Earlier I did not use dating service, therefore I bring to you my apologies
if I have made it not so good. I hope to speak with you soon,

Wow. Looked at my profile?! it's an avatar and some bogus info about me being a turtle hunter and a stunt double for raccoons. no joke. so what does that make her? a stunt double for skunks? I'm not going to reply because the probability of sending all the information to be hacked is most likely greater than I'd like. But Oh, the temptation to whip off a witty, sarcastic little reply is there. very much so. :P Anyway, I  hope "Anastasia" (translate 'Dohamel' from east india) made you laugh. have a good night.

Commercials- Personal favorites

Hello, long time no talk! I've been sky high with business and therefore I'm squeezing in a random, quick, totally unnecessary blog post at 12:30 at night.

ready? Here we go.
DQ bacon grill-burger song
"There's a burger out there to make you dream of meat
and bouncing pickles down a melting street * grill burger*
quarter pound beef is how we start makin' it
shove it in your mouth right after we BACON IT!
did I just bacon as a verb? maybe"

and on our country radio.
Man: "Sharon! Sharon! I can't go to your sisters wedding!"
Sharon: "Why not?"
Man- in song: "I broke my pelvis on your Elvis figurine, and the porcelain is lodged deep inside my knee. I'm on the couch and forced to watch TV so wish your sister the best, and enjoy the ceremony. have a good time. I'll be sitting here..... "
radio announcer : dressing it up doesn't make it true. Here at astral media we promise to make sure that the advertisements you hear are true. blah blah blah."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

happy singles awareness day/ 18th birthday

Why do guys have to come into our lives? rather, why do boys have to come into our lives? they get all wierd with their hormones and then they think they like you and you try to tell them "no, you don't" and they go "but yeah, I do" and you say "okay then, well I don't like you. like that." and then they're all "why do you think I'm doomed to the permanent friend zone?" and I'm like "blah blah blah blah blah don't hug me, you scare me stay away blah blah blah."
High school is so lame! well I mean the drama is so lame. which is funny 'cause everything I'm talking about takes place in the best class ever: Drama. There's this obnoxious, loud, somewhat annoying, awesome, cool, outgoing, talented kid in my class. And I'm 99% sure he has a crush on me. and then he told me upfront (through email) that he had a crush on me. He's great for outdoor theaters. He just makes me really uncomfortable for some reason. And Hey L. If you somehow stumble across my blog just know this.  I meant what I said about you being obnoxious and loud and annoying and everything else. you are. and someday that will be to your advantage. anyway, you already got everything in the looooong email I replied to you.
So yeah drama being lame. I thought I'd never be like the girls in high school. But just like that lead character in Mean Girls 2, Jane or Kate or something, I just transformed into a different version of the girls at high school. Normally I'm not scared to tell people off if I know that they are being mean or rude. I'll let people know when to back off. But then last week L got annoying and I don't know what the heck he was trying to do, but one of the girls told him to stop talking because she was tired of his voice. He went quite. and I know we were all thankful, but A could easily take on the role of Queen Bee. She's cool, edgy, hot, confident. and apparently bitchy. And the worst thing? I stood there, looked at L, and then looked at the other girls gave a little smile. Welcome to the popular group Sarah.
I was gonna apologize in person when I see him next, but he sent the email so I told him I was sorry in the email. But still. For 5 minutes that day, Theater club had a "cool clique" inside the already cool cliquiness of being theater club.
anyway, in brighter things I'M EIGHTEEN!!!!  I can vote. I can get my full license in six months if I don't get a ticket of in any written accidents. I'm still wierded out about a guy that I DON'T LIKE but for some reason it bothered me when he ignored me.( L if you are still reading this, it's not you. just making that clear.) I mean, i really don't like this guy. He is arrogant, spoiled, mean, and my best friend likes him cause all she can see is that he is a Christian and he has some other good aspects which, if I mention, will give him away really easily and then she wouldn't be to pleased so we'll leave it at that. So I really shouldn't mind if he blatantly ignored me when I actually for once tried to be polite to him. oh well, I can add "rude" to the growing list of qualities I don't like about him. I hope my Best Friend gets a real glimpse of him soon. or else I hope that he changes and I get  a glimpse of the change so that I can be supportive of my friend.
Well, I hope your Valentines day went well and if it was your birthday I hope your brother didn't forget to call, and that your dad hasn't just been dumped, and you don't have upfront, awkward emails coming through your facebook.
look at me. always the optimist.  goodnight

Friday, February 11, 2011

A really Random post about a really random thing with really random folks

once upon a timewatch there lived a beautiful second hand. She never really did find out what happened to her first hand but she was happy, always living with the hope that one day her minute minion would come rescue her from her round tiny world. And when he finally did show up, he swept he off her feet and and they lived happily forever after in timewatch. which coincidentally is not anything like baywatch.

A Lymeric POEM!

There once was a man named Joe
who really had to go.
he stomped on the floor
and pounded the door
and finally went out in the snow.

The snow was no longer white.
and Joe's bladder, no longer tight.
but his sigh of relief
was to be only brief
as he glugged down a gallon of sprite.

This story does not end well.
I'm almost afraid to tell.
oh, fine I'll go on,
I'll not keep you long.
Joe, he was really swell.

So Joe got into the truck
and headed to north Kentuck
But as we all know
with the bumps and the snow.....
That gallon of sprite caught up.

Oh! the humiliation.
Ever since that darn castration!
Joe cried like a fool,
and like anyone would do,
he drove straight into a train station.

woah. I really thought that was  going to have a happier ending.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Soon, So soon.

In 6 more days I will be officially allowed to vote. All this talk of Valentines day just kinda goes over my head because to my family and me, its the day that the world became a better place. I arrived. JUST KIDDING!!! I don't really think like that. but it is true that we celebrate my birthday instead of Valentines Day. I think I am possibly one of a minority of 17 year old who are mainly excited to turn 18 because then they can vote. most of the other kids I talked to have said "The only good thing about turning 18 is that I can act in and buy porn."  Well that just makes me want to puke. I wish we still lived in the day and age where we were either children or adults. I think one of the reasons I like country music so much is because it never says "I went from a boy into a teenage boy" but "I saw the boy turn into a man" and "Looking in the mirror where a girl once stood was now a woman."
"teenager" just seems like an excuse to run around and be stupid for 6 years. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

uh, okay, OWWWW!

Just a note to anyone who was wondering. Root canals are fairly painless. At least the receiving of a root canal is fairly painless. The aftermath on the other hand... lets just say I tried to eat toast and now my tooth feels even worse then it did before the RC. But, I'm alive and somewhat well so I really shouldn't complain. I think I'm going to go get DQ before work. And after work. And then bring some home. I need soup. No. I have everything I need. I want soup. Lord? May I have soup?
moaaaaannnnn. this hurts worse then being thrown off a horse twice in the same day. okay, enough complaining. It's beautiful outside, I finished my chemistry, I only have 7 more subject to complete in the next 4 months, and in two weeks I can offically vote. Life is good. not painless, but good. i guess.