"Every fallen angel prays for a second chance to fly again. And over time these tired wings have given in to the same old sins.
You're the only one who makes me feel like I could ever fly again."

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Canucks = Stanly Cup

Dear hockey fans everywhere: Get ready to meet the Canucks, a team normally known for losing and failing and letting down it's awesome fans. Not this year. This year the Canucks are top in the league, they have Hamhuis, Kessler, Burrows, Raymond and a team of other awesome players, And last but not least, They have finally beaten the Chicago Blackhawks- Last year's Cup Champions. So this is our year. In tonights game, goodbye Nashville Preds. Nice knowing you.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Food Baby And Other Exciting News.

So tonight we went out for dinner at this amazing Chinese restaurant that we always go to when we come down south.
I would like to state right here and now that on a full stomach I can show a very impressive baby bump. Also: IT A FOOD BABY BUMP!!!!!! not a real baby. If Iwas 5 years older with a handsome cowboy and married for 9 months then by all means I would love a real baby, but this is simply a result of eating a lot at once. Now on with my story.
So the way they bring the food out is kinda like a fancy course meal. They bring one dish after another and you eat some and then they are all there and you can't just let it sit there, so you eat it. I did. After about the third dish I pushed out my stomach and said "I could be pregnant." So the 8 year old boy sitting with us says, nice and clear and loud "Are you pregnant?" cue tables glancing our way. He forgot about it and went on with eating. And then, 4 courses later, I have a very full stomach and Pushing it out felt good - kinda stretching it, you know? maybe not. Anyway, dinner is done and I pushed out my stomach and my graandma laughs and says "oh stop! you are scaring me!" and then dad says "yeah, not yet okay?". And then me, opening my big mouth again, says "I can't wait till I'm pregnant. I bet it will feel like this only I won't feel so full. Plus I can have an excuse for eating so much. *sigh* I can't wait to have a baby."
So then dad, Mel (his girlfriend) and grandma laugh and shake their heads. And then the Chinese man that owns the restaurant comes over to talkto My grandma because her and grandad used to occupy that place every friday night back in the day. He asked if everything was good and if he could get us anything else and Coby (8 year old boy) says "She wants a baby."
SOooooooo awkward. of course he doesn't understand why the awkward chuckles and looks are going around so he keeps saying "she does! She might be pregnant!" So I had to jump in with "I am not pregnant! not until I'm married to a cowboy." and then the Chinese man laughed and nods his head and says good night.
-Side note. I have a John Deere Girl belt buckle that Igot for my birthday and I wear it a ton.
- other side note: My dad told coby a story about a deer gang with a leader who was named Bob. Bob went to someones house for dinner and was never seen again. Coby now thinks all deer are the missing Bob.

I was wearing the belt and as I stood up Coby saw it and the deer on it. And then he said "Bob is on your belt!" you should name your baby Bob!"
And then, not helping the situation AT ALL, I said "I am not naming the baby 'Bob'. I'll tell people the father was chinese and I'm calling the baby Yum Foo." He didn't get it. The entire car ride back to Grandmas he sat there telling me to push out my stomach and ten he'd lean over and say "Hi Bob!" I'm pretty sure he will start a rumour that I'm pregnant just because he thinks this whole thing is hilarious. I do to and I'm not that worried because anyone who really knows me would know that that is impossible but still... it's Coby. Who know's what he'll do with this joke :P
Have a good night and enjoy your babies, whether they are food or human :)happy Easter

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dear Canucks. ..... WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!

Well, if any of you watched the game on Tuesday, You know that there was another game last night. And if youwatched that game last night, you know there will be another game on sunday. Since those games are so depressing at the moment, I'm gonna talk about something else. SUNSHINE!!!
And it's where I'm at. On wednesday night I got home from work, packed my duffle, watching "What I like about you" till midnight and then I went to sleep. Here is how my Thursday went.
2:30am - light flipped on a dad's girlfriend saying "time to go Sarah!"
2:35am - dressed, and half awake leaaving my bedroom with my pillow and duffle and purse in my arms.
2:36am- miss the top step of the stairs which makes the decent quick and fairly painful. I'm awake now.
2:38am- I'm on my way! From misery to happiness again! uh-hu uh-hu~ truck exits the driveway
2:40am- 4:15am - try tyo sleep in the most uncomfy positions with a pulled shoulder from falling down the stairs.
4:20am- TIM HORTON'S STOP! when dad pulls the first pit stop at timmy's, you know you are on your way.
4:30am- Dad tries to trick his half awake daughter (moi) into rolling up the rim even though that game was over in may. - when da tries to be funny this early in the morning you know he's happy and it will be a good 13 hour drive.
4:45- 6:30 sleep.
6:30 to 9:30 - drive so dad can sleep.
9:30 - 12:00pm- singing to all the country songs on "The Highway- sirius XM"
1:30pm- 3:30pm - sleep
3:35- truck stops. I look up. Mall. I look like crap.
3:36 -contemplating whether to go shopping looking like this or to go with Dad for an hour to get the oil changed
5:00pm- shopping done, on to grandma's.
6:00- dinner
7:00- Vancouver Canucks vs Chicago Blackhawks.
9:00pm - Canucks lose 5-0 to the Blackhawks.
9:15pm - I go to bed satisfied that my day started and ended pretty much the same.
And now my dad and his girlfriend (I like this one) are leaving to Vancouver for the night while I'm here in chilliwack babysitting the 8 year old grandson. I like him to. And my dad is telling me to take the truck and coby to the pool this afternoon. Yeah right. I'd barely drive a car in the city, I don't think I'm driving the truck here. We can walk.
Have a fantastic sunny day and I'll be back -eventually.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tonight is the Night.

Canucks Vs Blackhawks game 4 of 7. Canucks - 3 Blackhawks - 0. If we win this, We go to the next round in the Playoffs. If we don't, we still go because we are awesome and will win game 5. But I don't think there will need to be a game 5 because once the Canucks win game 4, our round is done for now.
I am so excited. I have yet to find a female friend to jump and do a happy dance with me each time the Canucks score, but I'm pretty sure it's like the mid show entertainment for the guys that I watch the game with. And tonight I'm working as well, so I'm sure that one of these days will be a post of how awkward I made my night. Waitressing and watching the hockey game = not a good combination for me. Or is it? I guess my adrenaline is WAAYY high so I'm more on top of things. Hm. Either way, GO CANUCKS!!!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Listening THEN Thinking THEN Speaking...

Last night at youth group We finished our study on relationships (which I don't think my sister listened to at all judging by her behavior to my brother this morning) and then we played a game called "the salad bowl game". In this game everyone writes down a name of a person, place or object and puts it in the bowl. Then, two teams are made up and the timer is set for 30 seconds or whatever it was. The bowl goes to the first person on the first team and they pick a paper from the bowl. Then they have to describe what is on their paper for their team Once the team guesses it the paper is kept and the bowl is passed on. Once the timer goes, the bowl goes to the other team and the game goes on until all the papers are finished. The teams add their papers, write down the score and all the pieces go back into the bowl for the second round. This time, you have to describe the paper in one word and "um" counts as a word. You finish that round, get the points, and then the bowl goes again the third time, this time no words just actions. So it was really fun and loud and my mind was kind of preoccupied so I wasn't listening very well. We are in the second round and the other team picked a paper that had the name of the pastor, so his hint was "minister". I didn't hear that but his team did and they all started shouting the answer and then I heard "mini-skirt" so I, having the big mouth God gave me, yelled "mini-skirt is two words!!!" and they all looked at me and started laughing and said "minister isn't." cue blush.
Everyone says "think before you speak". good advice. For me, I definitely need to Listen before I think and then speak. Perhaps I could be a little less awkward that way :P On the plus side, it's cheap entertainment for my friends.
I texted my friend that story, in about 100 less words, last night and he texted back with "A klutz and bad with words... I have no idea why you're a good server"
It made my night, because I was thinking the same thing.
I wouldn't be surprised if it's all pity tips :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Same story, Different words.

I'm just gonna jump to the chase here and say it. There's a guy. A very handsome, young, country, hockey playing guy. Aaand he used to like me but I was to young and didn't like him and then we got back in touch because we were working together. And then he quit. And my heart cried a little because it was realizing that if this man was a man of God he could totally be MY man of God. ;) (not stalkerish at all, right?) Anyway, he comes in for the Canuck games, who- by the way- are totally going to dominate the Play Off season and show people what hockey is all about! Off topic, okay so he comes in to watch the games (by in I mean the restaurant in case anyone is wondering) and we give each other the wave/hey-what's-up hand thing and each time I think "Oh Lord? is my hair okay? why am I getting butterflies?"
But of course, there's a problem. For me- a very big problem.
I don't know where he is in his faith or what he believes or, well, actually I don't really know anything about him except that he sings, plays hockey, likes beer, and he has a really cute smile.
So obviously I can't really date him.
Except he asked if he could ask me for my number and I said yes. Because I definitely want to hang out with him but I CAN'T!! :'(
Especially now. Any type of further friendship would be dumb because I leave town in two months for two months and I'm pretty sure he works alot and I'm to busy for a relationship anyway so why am I even considering this?! AHokay Sarah, breathe, Sarah, breathe.
usually writing, or typing, helps me sort out my brain but it doesn't seem to be working. I  should just stop being a girl and over thinking everything he does.
so this post was kind of a desperate cry for help/ a blog post so that people know I haven't died/ a frantic prayer. ah, I love life and the adventures God sets up for us, don't you?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Adventures of a Waitress.

I knew it was gonna be an off night from the way I'd dropped things all day. So when I walked in to work I was not overly joyed to see that it was inspection time and the guy was going to sit back and monitor our dinner rush. Frazzled as I was, I went to my tables and did my job with a smile on my face. And then I had a table of two men who were polite and the one guy kept trying to be funny. I took their payments, all was good and then instead of the "You gentlemen have a good night!" that was SUPPOSED to come out of my mouth, I hollered "Have a good Gentleman!" yikes?! so awkward but I was laughing to hard to care. I think it is the funniest and wierdest thing I have ever said to a guest.
Plus I was in a giggly mood all night so when I saw that our wing promotion was up I had to laugh when I read "These wings are one of a kind posterior drummy flaps." Posteriour drummy flaps? seriously? that was supposed to entice people to buy our chicken wings?! anyway, that struck me as hilarious so I was just a giggle fest all night.
I hope you have giggle fests. They are wonderful and they make people around you smile and nod and walk away- still smiling though. :) It was a good night.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Jump Aboard the Friend-Ship

Good morning and a blessed Friday to you.
Friends are great, aren't they? They are there for you when you don't want to be alone and they know that they can count on you at any time or day. I have friends but I have only a handful of true friends. My "group" that I hang out with consists of my little sister whose taller then me, my cousin who is taller then me but 2 years younger, and occasionally -when she is in town- a friend that I've known since forever and is the same age as me.
My sister and my cousin are more besties then all three of us and I think, even though 2 months ago it was fun, the things they do now seem immature to me. I wouldn't say I'm growing out of them, just that I'm getting new interests and I kinda want my own group that isn't mixed of family. The out-of-townie is one of my close friends and because of the age similarity I think she will always remain so. Plus she just has the most awesome personality and she's a photographer so if I'm having a bad day she comes and takes pictures of me, fixes the lighting and makes me feel awesome. :)
I also have "the best friend". Our relationship is odd. We are totally different and I think if our mothers hadn't known each other at our births, we would not be such good friends. (Thanks mom!) This girl is amazing. She is the second oldest of 12 or 13 kids (I lost count) and she is 6 months younger then me. Her family is the church going, dairy farming, typical dutch family and mine is the screwed up, step siblings everywhere, crazy dysfunctional typical redhead family. Even though I'm the only redhead...
We like different movies different music, different guys, We seriously have very little in common. But when she is house sitting for someone I come over and we have movie marathon. one of hers, one of mine, and so on until we forget what we are watching. She is like my pot of wisdom. A blonde pot of wisdom, so I'm careful about what I ask her :P but she is a wise young woman indeed.
Now a new family moved here and became members of my best friend's church (the girl in the paragraphs above) and I go there on Sunday afternoons. To the church, not the new family's house. But the girl in the family is a couple years younger then me and we get off at the same time from work on Thursday nights so I give her a ride home. Last night I picked her up and we started the 20 minute ride home and she started talking. and then I threw in some stuff, and when we got to her place we just sat in the driveway talking for another 15 minutes. Finally her dad looked out the window and she said "wanna just go for a drive? I'll fill up your tank next week when you pick me up." so she texted her mom to tel her she would be going out again and we went through the back roads and just talked about the weirdest things. Every so often one of us would remind the other "What is said in this car, stays in this car" and then continue talking. So after taking a 45 min detour back to her house we sat in the driveway again for another 20 minutes an then she said goodnight and went in. And then I drove home and looked at my phone and she had texted saying "sorry for talking your ear off" and of course we started up another conversation via text.
I have a feeling that I have another wonderful friend in my midst.
Friends are great, aren't they. And the stories they provide... :)