"Every fallen angel prays for a second chance to fly again. And over time these tired wings have given in to the same old sins.
You're the only one who makes me feel like I could ever fly again."

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Let's do it (Let's Fall in Love)

That has got to be to coolest love song I have ever heard. So fun!
My story for today is this. I picked up my friend and we went to school. ( I never thought I'd be able to say that!). So we get to the parking lot and I see a sign at the entrance I've always been going in. Except the sign says "Exit Only" and for some reason, maybe because I'm brilliant, I thought that that was the exit. As in, drive here to leave parking lot. But as I turn into the area my friend hides her face and starts laughing saying "What are you DOING!!" By now I am Massively confused as to why there are vehicles coming towards me so I start laughing. I go through the circle the wrong way and pull into the "Buses only" area and stop. I told me friend that she could leave if she wanted to but thankfully she stayed and helped me find the student parking. Turns out, I was in the student parking lot, just the wrong direction...
Maybe everyone who saw will just think I'm one of the foreign exchange students. After all, I am home-schooled. That's almost foreign, right?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

you're a fine piee of realestate and I'm gonna get me some land

How is everyone doing today? I hope thou art well and are neither feverish nor ill. eth.
Yesterday was my first day of school. EVER! the exciting life of a home-schooled farm girl. I'm only taking one class - Drama- and every year they alternate between a musical (YES!) and a Shakespeare play (*sigh*okay). Obviously I need some work on the Shakespearean speak.
Today's class started at, get this, 8:25 AM!!! for someone who has had the liberty of waking up when she wakes up (9:30ish. maybe) this is way early. I'm so not a morning person. I mean, who get's up at eight in the morning?! I guess it wasn't all bad. My car was only frosted over a little and traffic was only like slow Vancouver traffic. And I only almost got trampled in the hall. The school is meant to hold 600 kids and there are 1000 in there. it was seriously scary! I pretty much just walked down the halls thinking "you trip, you die. don't trip. stay alive. don't trip." great day. and it's not even noon.
you know what's hard? acting like you're happy when you really just want to be sad. When I'm on stage, i can jump into my character no problem and take over her emotions and let her emotions take over me. But when I've got to be myself and I have to be happy after a really shitty day, it's hard. I think it's because, even on stage, you become the character. So at work, I need to be a happy character and so I become the happy character with a tinge of sadness, because I don't want to let go of it. Which is just ridiculous if you think about it. My life is weird enough as it is. why would I want to hold on to emotional baggage?
Well, I'm confusing myself now so I'm gonna go pretend to do my chemistry while I really am being a nerd and playing games on dictionary.com.
Have a great day! and keep the drama in the department....

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why can't more men be like Frank Sinatra?

okay, first off, I totally don't mean that. Frankie was a sleazy, no-good kid who's jail bird mother pushed to fame. But man, could he sing and dance. and act. Seriously? Any guy who can do those three is either dead, gay, or Zac Efron. And,sorry, but I ain't interested in any of those...
I first got into Sinatra's music this spring. I was in the musical "Guys and Dolls" (I played Sarah Brown. Best time of my life thus far) and Frank Sinatra was "Nathan Detroit" in the movie version. Which I bought. And have watched many times. After that, I started playing his songs on youtube and then I bought "Anchors Away" and today I just bought the "Frank Sinatra & Gene Kelley Collection" because a) It's awesome b) They;re both adorable, and c) I was in HMV. I can't go in and then not buy something.
ah, I love love love musicals! Why can't life be a musical? Music is so great at explaining things, and by the time you've come up with lines that say what you're feeling yet also rhyme, you've forgotten what you're mad about and everyone an sing happy songs :D
 Right now, in my musical theater dance class, we are singing "Stuff Like That There" and I am LOVING IT! seriously, I downloaded it from itunes and and put it on so many playlists.

Tonight I am 13 hours from home and totally wishing I was done high school. but I'm not.
My sister lives here in Vancouver so my other sister and I are visiting her while we're down here surprising my Grandma for her birthday. It was funny, today we were taking pictures and my brother asked Grandma to take one with his iphone. so, we were all sitting on the couch and Grandma's up studying this odd contraption and tapping the screen. We were all smiling big, fake, happy family smiles and grandma keeps tapping the screen saying "It's not taking a photograph. I'm not sure.... uh... I don't know.... oh.... *silence*... Help!" We were all laughing so hard. And she had taken about 20 pictures of us. She was so cute :P

anyway, I'm probably boring you. Mind, if you're bored then you probably haven't read this far in which case, never mind. It's really late and I'll probably have to get up early. But I'm hungry first so I'll probably get something to eat if there is anything. my sister eats crap food. it's gross.

chow mein. *If you ever need a good musical laugh, watch "On the Town"*

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

life, in general.

 I look in the mirror.
 I see an average girl who has her strengths and  weaknesses. She dances and smiles because is makes her feel beautiful. 
I look at my shadow. 
I see see the shape of jeans and a hoodie. Nothing flattering, yet, nothing scarring. The girl wears these clothes for the comfort, and the warmth, and the memories. 
I close my eyes. 
I see my self as a beautiful maiden in a green dress, aboard a pirate ship. The ship's captain is a handsome rogue who finds me troublesome yet intriguing. At the end of our adventurous story we admit our undying, faithful love for each other, and I know I am happy. 
I sigh. 
I open my eyes. 
I see my book. I see my math homework. I hear my family arguing. I grudgingly welcome back reality.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Being a Loser in a Family of Winners

I suck. At math, at chemistry, at making and keeping friends, at being funny, at everything. I don't have one good thing that I'm good at. Instead I have a few things that I'm not too bad at like singing, acting and dancing. Even then, I'm a klutz and it takes me forever to figure out what I'm doing. Now, I could probably live with this except that my mom pretends to everyone that I'm focusing on dance and that's why I'm doing so little in school; my younger sister is a perfectionist, my dad wants a perfect daughter with good grades, and my teachers think I'm a hopeless waste of time. I just spent 1 and a half hours on the same stupid Math 11 question. a) it was easy, I knew what I was supposed to do, I had the answers just not the way the question had asked for them, and b) I should be in grade 12. I think I just want to get my GED and then join the circus.
I know I shouldn't feel like this about myself. I mean, in God's eyes, I'm worth so much more and I have skills and talents. I just wish He'd show them to me.
I'm sure to Him I'm beautiful but I can't help but feel like a disappointment to my parents and my family. I want to be done with school. I'm pretty sure I'm never gonna need to figure out X and Y while I'm dancing on a stage or acting or singing. I should write a musical theater song about that. or not. again, not my talent. EFFING HELLL I hate this.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dear Rude Teenager

Dear Rude Teenager:
          Why do you think you are above your parents and teachers? Is it because you're high (pun intended)? Or maybe you just think that because they brought you into this cruel world, they ought to be punished by being snubbed by oh-so powerful you.
Another question: Why do you think the world owes you something? seriously, it doesn't. In fact, you owe it something, so pick up your litter and stop smoking. And tip your waitresses. Really, they work for you and that means they work for shit. Especially when you don't have the decency to pay the full bill. That's coming out of our wallets and yes, it does indeed SUCK to have to pay work.
 So basically what I'm saying is: Become a hobbit and stay in the mountains until you can understand how the real world works and how it Doesn't revolve around you.
- Bob B.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

cotton candy and happy faces - not my life.

well, my life is suberb!... ly sucking. In the past three days I have come home from work and started crying because of the fighting going on in my house; gotten mad at my mother; made my mother cry; made me cry; never felt farther from God; and never felt closer to God. my life is a hairball right now. Yes, a hairball. Like the thing a cat pucks up? yeah, except this is full of girl hair not cat hair and the wheezing sound that the cat makes right before it upchucks is kinda the sound of the night at my house. someone cries with a wheeze. anyway, I think you get the picture. If you're a praying person, please pray for my family, especially my mom and my sister. If you aren't a praying person... well, if you wanna, pray anyway because God will certainly hear you. 

take care. of yourself. of your family.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

If everyone was doing what they loved, maybe the world would be a bit of a happier place

Well, my day started out pretty good. I got up on time, made it to work on time, and got an awesome tip from my first table. Then, 12 o'clock happened and people would not go away. I had help between 12 and 3 and then I was on my own. With no less then at least 5 tables at all times. Because I was so stressed out, and tired, an hormonal, people tipped... just enough to let me know how much I sucked. seriously, Every table that did tip gave a dollar beneath the subtotal and then gave me a tight look and left- opening their now empty table to someone else. I was supposed to be there until 5 and finally left around 6:30. then I drove. And drove and drove and drove. I went past my driveway, past the neighbors, all the way to the river. and then I turned my car around and parked it and blasted my music and cried my eyes out. Then after 10 minutes I had myself somewhat in driving condition again, and I came home slooowlly. Then I sat in my car in the drive way and cried some more for no apparent reason, and then I just came inside and now I'm in bed. but I'll probably get up and go get something to eat.

Trusting God with my life is hard. Trusting him with my heart is exceedingly difficult. I'm trying though.

Everybody's Got a Water Buffalo, Yours is pink and mine is Blue.

Hihi. What's been happening with you in the past few spins of the Earth? Good things I hope. I have been busy and I am SO ready for school its ... not me.... Crazy, Eh? I seriously just want to be. done. with. it.
Then I can face other choices like: Traveling to Australia, Scotland, Spain, or India, among other places; Go to Rosebud School Of the Arts (I have to get accepted first I suppose); OR (I'm favoring this option) Go to Texas, Work in a cafe in a small town, meet a handsome cowboy who will teach me all the down-home country dances, and then live happy-for-the-most-time ever after.

I guess I have another option. That is, I could live each day one at a time, waiting and watching to see what God's plan is for me. That one is kinda hard to keep in the spotlight. He knows what I'm gonna do and where I'm going. I could cut back on a lot of stress if I just don't worry about it so much. Maybe, If I seek God, He'll help me find myself through him. hmm. Life. anyhoo. I'm gonna sleep because a) I can, and b) I work in 12 hours.

Yehhhhppp. bye :)

"Somewhere along the way, We've stopped telling ourselves that we can be whatever we want to be. We've stopped believing that our dreams can come true. But, what people don't understand is, Without our dreams we have nothing." - sooo not the direct quote but its something like that....