"Every fallen angel prays for a second chance to fly again. And over time these tired wings have given in to the same old sins.
You're the only one who makes me feel like I could ever fly again."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

happy singles awareness day/ 18th birthday

Why do guys have to come into our lives? rather, why do boys have to come into our lives? they get all wierd with their hormones and then they think they like you and you try to tell them "no, you don't" and they go "but yeah, I do" and you say "okay then, well I don't like you. like that." and then they're all "why do you think I'm doomed to the permanent friend zone?" and I'm like "blah blah blah blah blah don't hug me, you scare me stay away blah blah blah."
High school is so lame! well I mean the drama is so lame. which is funny 'cause everything I'm talking about takes place in the best class ever: Drama. There's this obnoxious, loud, somewhat annoying, awesome, cool, outgoing, talented kid in my class. And I'm 99% sure he has a crush on me. and then he told me upfront (through email) that he had a crush on me. He's great for outdoor theaters. He just makes me really uncomfortable for some reason. And Hey L. If you somehow stumble across my blog just know this.  I meant what I said about you being obnoxious and loud and annoying and everything else. you are. and someday that will be to your advantage. anyway, you already got everything in the looooong email I replied to you.
So yeah drama being lame. I thought I'd never be like the girls in high school. But just like that lead character in Mean Girls 2, Jane or Kate or something, I just transformed into a different version of the girls at high school. Normally I'm not scared to tell people off if I know that they are being mean or rude. I'll let people know when to back off. But then last week L got annoying and I don't know what the heck he was trying to do, but one of the girls told him to stop talking because she was tired of his voice. He went quite. and I know we were all thankful, but A could easily take on the role of Queen Bee. She's cool, edgy, hot, confident. and apparently bitchy. And the worst thing? I stood there, looked at L, and then looked at the other girls gave a little smile. Welcome to the popular group Sarah.
I was gonna apologize in person when I see him next, but he sent the email so I told him I was sorry in the email. But still. For 5 minutes that day, Theater club had a "cool clique" inside the already cool cliquiness of being theater club.
anyway, in brighter things I'M EIGHTEEN!!!!  I can vote. I can get my full license in six months if I don't get a ticket of in any written accidents. I'm still wierded out about a guy that I DON'T LIKE but for some reason it bothered me when he ignored me.( L if you are still reading this, it's not you. just making that clear.) I mean, i really don't like this guy. He is arrogant, spoiled, mean, and my best friend likes him cause all she can see is that he is a Christian and he has some other good aspects which, if I mention, will give him away really easily and then she wouldn't be to pleased so we'll leave it at that. So I really shouldn't mind if he blatantly ignored me when I actually for once tried to be polite to him. oh well, I can add "rude" to the growing list of qualities I don't like about him. I hope my Best Friend gets a real glimpse of him soon. or else I hope that he changes and I get  a glimpse of the change so that I can be supportive of my friend.
Well, I hope your Valentines day went well and if it was your birthday I hope your brother didn't forget to call, and that your dad hasn't just been dumped, and you don't have upfront, awkward emails coming through your facebook.
look at me. always the optimist.  goodnight

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