"Every fallen angel prays for a second chance to fly again. And over time these tired wings have given in to the same old sins.
You're the only one who makes me feel like I could ever fly again."

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Thoughts and Observations - Davie Street Edition

Tonight I was off work by 10:30 and home by a quarter after 11. I "un-workanized" myself and with the the change in my pocket and my phone, me and my trusty cowboy boots joined the other people loitering Davie Street.
First I walked down to English Bay where I sat and watched drunk males strip to their briefs and run, screaming bloody murder, into the cold Pacific. (I really hope that's the Pacific because I will feel uberly stupid if it isn't. I can be sure it's not the Indian Ocean though.) After a while I started walking back up Davie, past the pubs and restaurants with all the drunk folks laughing loudly outside. This was when my conversations with the men began. First were two drunk gay guys who walked up beside me as I meandered and one said "That's quite the mosey you've got going on." (I was walking very chilled out, literally moseying.) and the other said "Loves it sweetie." Both giggled and picked up there pace, along with their arms, hands, and heads. A block after that I saw three Adorable guys and a girl and the oldest one was with the girl and the other two young ones were just there to party. They were walking a few paces behind me and as we came up to Safeway there was a mailbox knocked over. The guy in plaid who I had been thinking looked extremely country laughed and then picked it up. We were all standing at the crosswalk waiting for cars not to hit us when I saw it. Them. Plaid was wearing what looked like boots. So I asked him "Hey, are those cowboy boots? Cause that's awesome if they are." and he lifts up his pant leg to show Yes. Yes indeed they were. and then we compared boots to see whose were more legit. And then Belt buckles (his had a stupid duck and had nothing on my "John Deere Girl" but he was drunk and I think the alcohol messed up his mind.) They wandered on after I somehow offended him by not telling him where I was from, and I continued on my journey.
Theres a club called celebrities farther down on Davie and I had seen red and blue lights flashing in that area so I thought I'd check it out. Sure enough, around the corner of the club was a cop car, a policeman writing a ticket, and a nice little mopehead smashed into the pavement. I stood observing this scene and the guy standing next to me asked "Woah, is that guy okay? ...Must be if theres no ambulance around I guess." I replied saying "Well there's an ambulance parked half a block back but the paramedics are in 'Donair' so I don't think it's anything to worry about."
We walked to the light (pedestrian crosswalks are apparently great places to meet new people) and he looks at me and says "You look really familiar." Truth be told, he looked familiar as well but I new I'd passed him a couple times on the street and then as I had that thought he said "Have I met you before? or have I just passed you tonight?" I thought he was maybe trying some pick up line but I told him "Yeah, we've crossed paths 3 or 4 times tonight."
The light changed and we started walking again at a slow easy pace and he warned me about the creepos on the street, asked if I was from Vancouver, told me he was going to a pub, and then asked if I wanted to join him. Right then I wished so badly that I was 19. Oh, and we'd also exchanged names. His is Dave. And he is handsome. Some men are hot, some cute, some rugged, and a few- truly handsome. Dave is handsome. I am underage. So I told him "I can't. I didn't bring my I.D." hoping he wouldn't ask my age so that he would go to his bar and I could be happy that I looked older then 12 with my freckles. But he looked kinda shocked and said "So you're not 19? what are you, 17?" (what, no age as 18?) so I said no, I was 18 and that I was just gonna pick up a coffee at Timmies and he should enjoy the club. Then he very greatly made sure I knew it was an Irish PUB and not a club. He walked on, I got my coffee and I left Tim Hortons only to be greeted by yet another attractive guy, so obviously gay, who laughed and said "You aren't seriously trying to pass that for tim hortons are you?" to which I replied "It's Timmies, I swear. Wanna try it?" then he looked a little off guard because I bet normally when he verbalizes his doubt of a girl drinking coffee at 1:30 in the morning, she doesn't offer it to him. He asked what I had and I told him "black Coffee. That's why I offered it to you. Because most people don't like black coffee and when they try to prove to me that I'm drinking alcohol they are disgusted with what they actually taste. I'm sad you didn't try it. I was all ready to laugh at you." At this, he laughed and said he didn't like any kind of coffee. I said goodnight and I walked home. The walk home was  faster but equally as exciting because I looked up at one point and unexpectedly saw STARS! which I haven't seen yet in the city. Looking at the stars is something I have missed a lot but I was very happy to see these ones.
So I'm home now, safe with the cat, and full of happy smiles. I hope I made some other people smile as well tonight. It was a most wonderful of lonesome, midnight strolls.

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