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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How disapointing was that Score?

Does anyone else watch hockey? I don't mean you have to be a fan, or even know what you are watching but do you watch it? Tonight Was the World Juniors Final game, Canada vs Russia. First two periods, Canada leads with 3-0. Third period, Russia ties up the game and goes home with the gold and a 5-3 win. Do you know how fantastic it is to score 5 goals in 20 minutes?! Seriously! that's a goal every four minutes. Now I have a theory that nobody else seems to agree with. Here it is.
If I was playing on the Russian hockey team.... actually, if I was playing on ANY hockey team it would be a disaster. But that's beside the point. Work with me here. So I'm on the Russian Hockey team and We've been studying Canada's game. We know that they are the team to beat this year (because they are our opponents at the world juniors gold medal game....) and what have we noticed about their playing habits? Well first of all, they play pretty good. Second of all, If they are in a good lead and it looks like they are gonna win, they get cocky. Third, the defense men can only play hard for so long.
So. Here is what I think happened. Russia played around with Canada for the first and second periods, Canada got a few goals and Russia made sure they kept their score at 0. THEN when Canada relaxed in the third period BAM! Russia hits them with 2 goals in 3 minutes. Now Canada is worried but hey, we still have the lead. Yeah, right. Until Russia ties with us and then sweeps us off our feet in the most unromantic way and takes home the gold. The only comfort I can find in this whole night is that I'm not playing for the Canadian team and therefore I am not the one who let down and ENTIRE NATION!!!! also the Canucks won. again. YEAH!
so. that was my hockey rant. And that's kinda all I had to say.
Have a fantabulous night! oh, and happy birthday to my little brother :) He turned 11 today. (you can smell it....)

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