"Every fallen angel prays for a second chance to fly again. And over time these tired wings have given in to the same old sins.
You're the only one who makes me feel like I could ever fly again."

Friday, January 14, 2011

This Post Consists of Many Subject Changes.

"Oh broken toe oh broken toe, your strength is so all-failing. You snapped like a train railing. I danced around, danced like a fool. and then I landed on top of you! oh broken toe oh broken toe, you caused me to go flailing."

Well Hello! I didn't see you there. Do come in. Sit down.
Today in my modern dance class which I do with 7-13 year olds... I fell. well not really. we were doing this thing where you go "step hop hop, arms swing to the opposite side, step hop hop, arms to the other side" and so on. I usually can do this. It is one of my tougher classes, but I pride myself on being only slightly less better then the other girls I'm with. Today I just couldn't do it to save my life. I don't know why but I sucked. Well, I kinda know why. I'm the World's 100,356th biggest Klutz. not really, I made that number up but that's not the point. the point is that I'm not that great at hand,eye, leg, foot, toe -- to sum it up, I'm not that great with body coordination. anyway, today I did a jump and came down on my ankle and I thought to myself "Sarah, that felt weird. plus there are 7 girls staring at you like you're a moron. Get out of their view and stop falling. it hurts." and then I went for the next round of stephopping and it hurt a little more, so I went to talk to the teacher. And that's when I noticed that my pinky toe is blue. And that I was trying to hold back tears. Now this surprised me. For one, I've never seen my toe blue before and for another, I don't cry very often and IF I do, it's cause someone has seriously hurt me emotionally. I'm pretty tough physically. So I don't know why I cried but anyway, I went to the bathroom and had my foot under the cold water and I couldn't stop my tears so I just cried. for no apparent reason. Which made me feel really girly and lame. I hate feeling girly and lame. So I finally calmed down and walked out of the bathroom and as soon as the teacher looked at me, more tears tried to fall. and then she looked at my foot (wow this is turning into a really long post and I haven't even changed the subject yet) and I told her I would be fine. Then a lady I used to babysit for asked me "Hey you okay? What happened?" and I said "yeah I'm fine. I just cal=me down on my ankle like thi-AHHHHHHHHH* thought really bad words here*) and then I was thinking oh my freaking goodness this is pathetic. So I went to the hospital where they taped my toes and told me it was broken and I shouldn't dance or really stand on it for 6 weeks. asdhfyeah. um, I'm a waitress and I drive a standard. This is gonna heal by tomorrow. So now I'm at home not icing my foot although it is up, and I get to watch dance classes that I need to actually be dancing in. YAY!! not.
My sisters raise rabbits. and because the rabbits are outside in cages and because we have been having -25 nights (tonight's HIGH is -17C!!! brr) every month or so one of the girls will come in the door and say "one of our rabbits died. It froze. Can we still eat it?" @PETA: we do not eat this frozen bunny. please don't sue us.  So apparently, back in december (like Taylor Swift! HA!) my 9 year old sister walked into the meat cutting room where my parents were. She was hold a frozen rabbit by it's back legs, thwaked it against the door and said "somethin's wrong with my rabbit." Now, I'm sorry to anybunny that has a love for rabbits ;) but you gotta admit that that is kinda funny! I laughed when my mom told me tonight.
The last subject is gonna be quick. today in drama class this guy that I'm kinda friends with walked up behind me, like RIGHT behind me- like lets-bungee-jump-together-okay-we-are-gonna-be-close right behind me, and said, Why are you standing so close to me? Anybody else and it would have been beyond weird. but for some reason, it was him and so it was funny weird. I laughed. And then I got into a debate with another guy about why I wouldn't hug him because he kept invading my personally bubble. I think I atomatically won that though, I mean, It's my space and my opinion against my space and his opinion. hmm... don't know why he thought he should start up that one. Anyway, I'm sure I've bored you all to a very deep sleep by now which means I can scream out the biggest, most important new of all!


what's that? oh nothing dear, go back to sleep.

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