"Every fallen angel prays for a second chance to fly again. And over time these tired wings have given in to the same old sins.
You're the only one who makes me feel like I could ever fly again."

Friday, April 1, 2011

Jump Aboard the Friend-Ship

Good morning and a blessed Friday to you.
Friends are great, aren't they? They are there for you when you don't want to be alone and they know that they can count on you at any time or day. I have friends but I have only a handful of true friends. My "group" that I hang out with consists of my little sister whose taller then me, my cousin who is taller then me but 2 years younger, and occasionally -when she is in town- a friend that I've known since forever and is the same age as me.
My sister and my cousin are more besties then all three of us and I think, even though 2 months ago it was fun, the things they do now seem immature to me. I wouldn't say I'm growing out of them, just that I'm getting new interests and I kinda want my own group that isn't mixed of family. The out-of-townie is one of my close friends and because of the age similarity I think she will always remain so. Plus she just has the most awesome personality and she's a photographer so if I'm having a bad day she comes and takes pictures of me, fixes the lighting and makes me feel awesome. :)
I also have "the best friend". Our relationship is odd. We are totally different and I think if our mothers hadn't known each other at our births, we would not be such good friends. (Thanks mom!) This girl is amazing. She is the second oldest of 12 or 13 kids (I lost count) and she is 6 months younger then me. Her family is the church going, dairy farming, typical dutch family and mine is the screwed up, step siblings everywhere, crazy dysfunctional typical redhead family. Even though I'm the only redhead...
We like different movies different music, different guys, We seriously have very little in common. But when she is house sitting for someone I come over and we have movie marathon. one of hers, one of mine, and so on until we forget what we are watching. She is like my pot of wisdom. A blonde pot of wisdom, so I'm careful about what I ask her :P but she is a wise young woman indeed.
Now a new family moved here and became members of my best friend's church (the girl in the paragraphs above) and I go there on Sunday afternoons. To the church, not the new family's house. But the girl in the family is a couple years younger then me and we get off at the same time from work on Thursday nights so I give her a ride home. Last night I picked her up and we started the 20 minute ride home and she started talking. and then I threw in some stuff, and when we got to her place we just sat in the driveway talking for another 15 minutes. Finally her dad looked out the window and she said "wanna just go for a drive? I'll fill up your tank next week when you pick me up." so she texted her mom to tel her she would be going out again and we went through the back roads and just talked about the weirdest things. Every so often one of us would remind the other "What is said in this car, stays in this car" and then continue talking. So after taking a 45 min detour back to her house we sat in the driveway again for another 20 minutes an then she said goodnight and went in. And then I drove home and looked at my phone and she had texted saying "sorry for talking your ear off" and of course we started up another conversation via text.
I have a feeling that I have another wonderful friend in my midst.
Friends are great, aren't they. And the stories they provide... :)

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