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Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Food Baby And Other Exciting News.

So tonight we went out for dinner at this amazing Chinese restaurant that we always go to when we come down south.
I would like to state right here and now that on a full stomach I can show a very impressive baby bump. Also: IT A FOOD BABY BUMP!!!!!! not a real baby. If Iwas 5 years older with a handsome cowboy and married for 9 months then by all means I would love a real baby, but this is simply a result of eating a lot at once. Now on with my story.
So the way they bring the food out is kinda like a fancy course meal. They bring one dish after another and you eat some and then they are all there and you can't just let it sit there, so you eat it. I did. After about the third dish I pushed out my stomach and said "I could be pregnant." So the 8 year old boy sitting with us says, nice and clear and loud "Are you pregnant?" cue tables glancing our way. He forgot about it and went on with eating. And then, 4 courses later, I have a very full stomach and Pushing it out felt good - kinda stretching it, you know? maybe not. Anyway, dinner is done and I pushed out my stomach and my graandma laughs and says "oh stop! you are scaring me!" and then dad says "yeah, not yet okay?". And then me, opening my big mouth again, says "I can't wait till I'm pregnant. I bet it will feel like this only I won't feel so full. Plus I can have an excuse for eating so much. *sigh* I can't wait to have a baby."
So then dad, Mel (his girlfriend) and grandma laugh and shake their heads. And then the Chinese man that owns the restaurant comes over to talkto My grandma because her and grandad used to occupy that place every friday night back in the day. He asked if everything was good and if he could get us anything else and Coby (8 year old boy) says "She wants a baby."
SOooooooo awkward. of course he doesn't understand why the awkward chuckles and looks are going around so he keeps saying "she does! She might be pregnant!" So I had to jump in with "I am not pregnant! not until I'm married to a cowboy." and then the Chinese man laughed and nods his head and says good night.
-Side note. I have a John Deere Girl belt buckle that Igot for my birthday and I wear it a ton.
- other side note: My dad told coby a story about a deer gang with a leader who was named Bob. Bob went to someones house for dinner and was never seen again. Coby now thinks all deer are the missing Bob.

I was wearing the belt and as I stood up Coby saw it and the deer on it. And then he said "Bob is on your belt!" you should name your baby Bob!"
And then, not helping the situation AT ALL, I said "I am not naming the baby 'Bob'. I'll tell people the father was chinese and I'm calling the baby Yum Foo." He didn't get it. The entire car ride back to Grandmas he sat there telling me to push out my stomach and ten he'd lean over and say "Hi Bob!" I'm pretty sure he will start a rumour that I'm pregnant just because he thinks this whole thing is hilarious. I do to and I'm not that worried because anyone who really knows me would know that that is impossible but still... it's Coby. Who know's what he'll do with this joke :P
Have a good night and enjoy your babies, whether they are food or human :)happy Easter

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