"Every fallen angel prays for a second chance to fly again. And over time these tired wings have given in to the same old sins.
You're the only one who makes me feel like I could ever fly again."

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another Town, Another Adventure

Hello Cyber world,
You sure look dapper today. Staying healthy I presume?
Alright, enough with that. Today I rode nine hours in a bus, read a huge book, watched half a movie, and daydreamed for a good 2 hours. Now I´m seated in a comfy chair in my OWN room, with my OWN wardrobe, and my first workaway hosts. And me oh my are they lovely. I am here to help them learn English and work on my Spanish until March 3rd. they are teh kind of hosts who assume that when they invite a person into their home it should be the experience like that of a five star hotel. Like I said, I have my own little room which I haven´t had since leaving my sister´s in Vancouver. I also have a makeshift wardrobe from Spains version of Ikea.Adn they wouldnt let me help with any of it. Not in the "get out of my way you annoyance" kind of not help, but more in the "darling, sit down and relax. You must be tired from sitting on the bus all day." except in more broken english and a few muttered Spanish words. they are much better at English than they think they are though, so I think the thing will be to speak Spanish when I can. I´m so happy to have a place to call home for two weeks. :)
I´ll go for now and we´ll see what adventures Valencia grants me with. Oh, and by the way, the bus drivers here are insane. They drive through the smallest streets and take the corners like they are in a drag race instead of driving a massive vehicle carrying fifty people. Its exciting though.
Goodnight world,
all my love.

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