"Every fallen angel prays for a second chance to fly again. And over time these tired wings have given in to the same old sins.
You're the only one who makes me feel like I could ever fly again."

Sunday, February 3, 2013

These Last Few Days

i apologize ahead of time for the lack of capitals in these sentences. i cant figure out how to make it happen... anyway, these last few days. first i met some awesome girls at my last hostel and one night we went out for dinner and ended up drinking and being the only dancers in a club. the german girl was really fun and relatable, and the two finnish chicks taught me bad words and sang lots. they were pretty cool. yesterday i survived another bus trip and figured out my way from the madrid airport to the hostel without anything getting stolen or pushed. this hostel is interesting. once i figured out that i needed to buzz the door so i could get it, i wandered up and down the stairs for a while before awkwardly knocking on an unmarked door with loud music coming from the other side. i figured if i cant find my hostel at least i can party with some spanish uni kids, right? thankfully it was the hostel. my room is a 12 bed girls dorm and its nice and clean and spacious. unfortunately there is one washroom, three stalls, and a sink in what looks like it used to be an old closet. the showers are closer to the kitchen and there are three of them without much privacy within the room, so this morning i enjoyed the hot water and then awkardly got partially dressed in the shower before stepping out into the main area. that was a horrifying decription. its not quite as bad as i accidently made it sound. 
i was told that there was a market held only on sundays at this spanish plaza de something and so at 12 i set out to find it. yeah, madrid is way bigger than i had pictured in my mind. or at least my hostel isn´t as central as i thought. so after getting really lost and seeeing a starbucks, i bought coffee and breakfast and politely nodded and said ´gracias´ when the barista explained a long special offer to me. and then i walked and walked and walked and bought a cute country style sundress for only 5 euros and walked and walked and found a park. i think it was called parc de madrid but it probably wasnt. i sat and enjoy the sun and wrote a little bit. mostly i was listening in on the conversation of three guys behind me just because they were speaking english and i felt a little bit less terrified of being lost in such a huge city. but then some one started talking to me in english and that was awesome. unfortunately i kept noticing someone in front of me turning around every once in a while as if he was watching someone and waiting for them to do something. and it was always in my direction. after the guy i was talking to left, i decided to wander back and try to find a metro. so i stood up. and the creepy turn around dude stood up too. so i casually stretched, turned around, admired the statue, and sat down again. and he sat down again and looke dto the front again. so i did that awkward backwards walk out of the park so i could make sure he didnt turn around. i honestly have no clue if he was looking at me or not but it added some potential discomfort to my day and so i think im good for the rest of the day now. at a loss for what else to do, i think im going to go sleep. because i seem to love sleep. and i need to figure out where to go next. im thinking sevilla but who knows. im really hating the bus lately and kinda just want to walk to the next town and see what happens. ill be sure to let yall know what my plan is. ha, my plan... right. okay anyway, if i write from denmark, you know i ran out of food and went to bum off my friends parents. 
that could be fun too actually. 
good afternoon world, 
all my love, 
and im really sorry again about the lack of capital letters. its driving me nuts too.

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