"Every fallen angel prays for a second chance to fly again. And over time these tired wings have given in to the same old sins.
You're the only one who makes me feel like I could ever fly again."

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why can't more men be like Frank Sinatra?

okay, first off, I totally don't mean that. Frankie was a sleazy, no-good kid who's jail bird mother pushed to fame. But man, could he sing and dance. and act. Seriously? Any guy who can do those three is either dead, gay, or Zac Efron. And,sorry, but I ain't interested in any of those...
I first got into Sinatra's music this spring. I was in the musical "Guys and Dolls" (I played Sarah Brown. Best time of my life thus far) and Frank Sinatra was "Nathan Detroit" in the movie version. Which I bought. And have watched many times. After that, I started playing his songs on youtube and then I bought "Anchors Away" and today I just bought the "Frank Sinatra & Gene Kelley Collection" because a) It's awesome b) They;re both adorable, and c) I was in HMV. I can't go in and then not buy something.
ah, I love love love musicals! Why can't life be a musical? Music is so great at explaining things, and by the time you've come up with lines that say what you're feeling yet also rhyme, you've forgotten what you're mad about and everyone an sing happy songs :D
 Right now, in my musical theater dance class, we are singing "Stuff Like That There" and I am LOVING IT! seriously, I downloaded it from itunes and and put it on so many playlists.

Tonight I am 13 hours from home and totally wishing I was done high school. but I'm not.
My sister lives here in Vancouver so my other sister and I are visiting her while we're down here surprising my Grandma for her birthday. It was funny, today we were taking pictures and my brother asked Grandma to take one with his iphone. so, we were all sitting on the couch and Grandma's up studying this odd contraption and tapping the screen. We were all smiling big, fake, happy family smiles and grandma keeps tapping the screen saying "It's not taking a photograph. I'm not sure.... uh... I don't know.... oh.... *silence*... Help!" We were all laughing so hard. And she had taken about 20 pictures of us. She was so cute :P

anyway, I'm probably boring you. Mind, if you're bored then you probably haven't read this far in which case, never mind. It's really late and I'll probably have to get up early. But I'm hungry first so I'll probably get something to eat if there is anything. my sister eats crap food. it's gross.

chow mein. *If you ever need a good musical laugh, watch "On the Town"*


  1. I love musicals too! Frank Sinatra was amazing, but i'm sure he wasn't someone you would want to make your husband? lol!

  2. haha, true that! all the old actors led really racy lives off the camera :P I don;t know if you've heard of Marlon Brando but he was even worse than Sinatra! he went to a military school after getting expelled from too many public schools, and he drove his motorcycle through the halls!