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You're the only one who makes me feel like I could ever fly again."

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last Night

Last night was the Stanely Cup Final. Boston Bruins Vs Vancouver Canucks. Bruins won 4-0 on Canuck Ice and after the final horn blew to signify the end of hockey season until the fall, All the Canucks fans in the stadium were still cheering "Go Canucks Go!" over and over again. It was a beautiful thing to see fans still supporting their team even though they didn't win. Did you know Canucks haven't been that far in the playoffs for 17 years? I think our boys did an amazing season and I'll be there in my Hamhuis Jersey cheering louder then ever next year. After the game... that's when Vancouver's finest came out to start the riots. We thought the Players would be troubled that they lost, Hell no! The Fans were insane. Tipping cars and setting them on fire, breaking the windows of a bank, Ignoring the police telling them to clear the downtown area, and punching anyone who tried to defy this angry mob of Canucks fans who were ruining their beautiful city and embarrassing the team they have cheered for all season.
The saddest part, if you search "Vancouver riots" and look at all the pictures, 4 or 5 people are doing the crimes. 100's of people are standing around either cheering or looking worried. Why didn't someone step in to stop them? Does anyone care about the fact that PEOPLE WERE HURT!!! Police and EMT were out tending tons of injuries and a handful of people were sent to hospitals with serious injuries.
Come on people. This is Canada. We are supposed to be hospitable and good natured. we know how to take wins and losses and we don't start fricken riots! Last night was possibly the most glorious moment for the Canucks team because they played a good game, a good season, and made it farther then that Franchise has ever been. And then they stepped outside to find their own fans drunk and mocking them.
And that's the city, the area, I get to look forward to going to in exactly one week from today. I'm so happy that I'm not there during hockey season.

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