"Every fallen angel prays for a second chance to fly again. And over time these tired wings have given in to the same old sins.
You're the only one who makes me feel like I could ever fly again."

Sunday, June 26, 2011

These last few days

Alright so I've missed some days. like two? I can't remember. They all blur together in one big... blur. I believe I did post on day one. So day two was my first day at work. That was fun. That was great. Day three, Saturday, I had to get my own transit to work. now THAT was an adventure. I got on the C23 bus like I was told by my big sister. (first bus ride alone EVER btw). Missed the  skytrain stop of course and ended up at the very end of the bus line which is where the driver turns around and sees an empty bus except for the confused looking girl in cowboy boots and a big belt buckle. (and shirts and pants of course. Sorry, I'm writing this late at night and also I had a coffee about 40 minutes ago.)
So he tells me "Go into the big building with pillars in the front. The station is in there." Hmm, okay Mr Bus Driver. Guess what? This is a freaking city and there are big buildings with pillars EVERYWHERE!!!! but I found it. It convienently had a massive blue sign with a T on it which  assume stands for train. So I got my ticket and found my train and sat down and prayed dearly that I wasn't on the subway going to some foriegn land. Then I sent texts to my sister wondering why it was called a skytrain when it ran mostly underground. finally got to work despite the minor detours and my sister graciously gave me a ride home.
Day four. Today. Transit was a little better. Until I went to find my way to the nearest URC church. Which is like two cities away...
I got to the bus stop and got on the 6 bus. Wrong bus. Butthe driver says "hey sure, theres a station at granville. you can go from there too." If I was smart I would have rode the bus straight to the end cause they all end at waterfront which is the skytrain at the end. but I'm not, so I didn't. Instead I got off at granville, asked someone for help, got more confused, and then panicked. not really, my mind was panicking but my physical appearance appeared as cool as a crips cucumber from the crisper. Did I already explain the late night/coffee thing? - yes I did. alright moving on. Have you ever walked down Granviller street in downtown Vancouver? Have you ever down it when have teh street is closed for Ginormously humongous street fair celebrating latin america/ east indian culture? have you ever done the above in cowboy boots? The boots were the easiest part of this.
I don't do big crowds which is probably why I like my country farm and small town. But they are 13 hours and 1130 kilometers away. I also don't do loud mexican music. Yet, there it was, Big crowds of Vancouverites mulling around a stage blasting Mexican music and featuring kids dancing to it. I thought I was gonna puke I was so scared. I eventually got out of the crowd and countinued walking until I saw Hastings street. That's when I felt the tears well up. Hastings street is possibly the worst street talked about in Vancouver. I was warned about this street to never go there unless I wanted to be stabbed or come home with wierd diseases. So I texted my friend wondering where I was and what to do and then I saw west in front of hastings and remembered that East is teh REALLY bad part. k. Finally got to the skytrain. 5 minutes later figured what train I needed and got on it. second stop I'm still shaking, doors open and people keep coming. and coming. and coming. and holding the doors open when they try to close. and keep coming. Until I was squished up against the skytrainwindow, scared to death that I was donna die from people and confusion overload. And then after 15 minutes or so I got off at the stop and found my friend and listened to a sermon about sin not ruling our lives. And then my friend, I'm just gonna call him M. M and I went to his grandma's house for coffee. Which was delicious. which made me hyper. But I have to check out a western store I've seen tomorrow so I'm going to try and get some sleep. Have a good night and remember: When in doubt as to the direction of the skytrain, Keep. On. Walking. Straight.

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