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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sisters and Brothers

I have a confusing family tree. I may or may not have gone into it in past blog posts but I will just try and lay out the sibling plan so far.
I have an older Sister, Cory, and an older brother, Rob. These are half siblings from my dad. I have a sister 14 months younger then me, Elena. She is my one full sister. I have two younger brothers, Seth and Nathaneal, and two younger sisters, Lizzy and Anja. These are half siblings from my mom. I also have so ex-step brothers who I still count as my brothers even though our paretns divorced ages ago. Garret is older then me, younger then Rob. Mason is 4 months younger then me. Konner is the youngest by about 10 months I guess.
So I have always been surrounded by kids of all ages and as if my dysfunctional family wasn't insane enough, my best friend is the second oldest of 13 kids. (Her mom is actually expecting baby number 14!!!!) All those kids form one marriage, one set of parents. So thankfully I got to see that big families do work out and it isn't always chaos. Movies that bug me the most are the "big crazy family" movies. Like Cheaper By The Dozen, or Yours, Mine and Ours. Movies like those always portray big families as the most chaotic scene with absolutely no discipline in the house and no respect until the end where everyone grudgingly tells the others that they do love them. At my moms I saw the Christian family picture, 8 people in the truck in dresses and Sunday clothes on our way to church. At my dad's I saw the secular 16 year old doing her make up and trying to talk to her homeschooled, sheltered 10 year old sister. I lived with 4 boys, 3 of which were ADHD and probably FAS although the mother won't admit it, either way, It was truly chaos. Maybe that's why we live out in the middle of no where. If someone started a fight, take a walk. If it's to hot inside, jump in the lake. If it's a Sunny Saturday and you're watching TV, get outside and build another tree fort. (seriously we have like 8 tree forts or remnants of forts in the back 40)
Life has had it's crazy moments in big families, but from what I remember, I have always respected my parents, I have never flat out talked back to my dad, I never hung upside down from the railings or slid down the bannister (although one winter we did open the front door and sled down the foyer stairs out onto the porch...) We fought but it was over in a couple minutes. The one time I remember us ever calling each other names and having them stick was when we got into a name calling war and basically it was 4 weekends of kids 9-13 trying to see who could be the meanest just cause. Feelings were hurt, Words were learned, but overall, that wasn't such a bad 4 weekends.
I'm 6 and 3 years younger then Cory and Rob, and 10 years older then Anja. I think the hardest part about big families and the age difference is that eventually the younger kids start to look up to the older ones and the older ones don't really know what to do. Anja is always asking to have a sleepover in my room or if we can go jump on the trampoline. I try to say yes but it's so frustrating because I live in the mind of an 18 year old no longer an 8 year old. As the kids get older I can talk to them and hang out with them easier. But  liked them little. They were so cute and submissive and now all of a sudden they talk back and decide that they don't have to listen to me because I'm not the mom. And boy do I remember when I did that. :)
I have to say, I feel sorry for the only child.

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  1. Having siblings can be crazy... but it is sooo fun!!!