"Every fallen angel prays for a second chance to fly again. And over time these tired wings have given in to the same old sins.
You're the only one who makes me feel like I could ever fly again."

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Well, its that time of day again. The time of day when I get bored and instead of doing school, I blog about the school I should be doing. I have had a very early day today. In fact, I think it started so early that I might have even posted a blog this morning but I can't remember because it was so long ago. I did my English exam today so that course is Finito! Next would be trying to finish up math. Which is what I considered doing but then I realized I have to learn how to work Microsoft Excel so I came here instead.
I am craving subway sooo bad right now. I can just taste the smoked ham, lettuce, tomatoes, cukes, peppers, mmmmm. If I wasn't so broke I might go get some. I think I have to make do with yogurt and apples. They're good too. I guess.
Dress Rehearsal tonight! I'm quite excited because once it's over I can go up to my dad's and my sister and I can watch the Season 2 Premier of Pretty Little Liars! ahhh! I love that show and the books. And once that is done we will help my dad clean the house to my grandmother's expectations in wait for her arrival on Thursday morning. Friday night is Another Opnin', Another Show! Saturday the guy I've been texing for the past 8 months is finally going to come for our mutual friend's Profession of Faith. I think it will be interesting to meet him. Especially since he somehow fell into my care for the weekend. See, Both Jenn and Johnny, the mutual friends, thought they had saturday off, but they are working so this guy that I've never met gets to sit through the Matinee, put up with me for 3 hours, wait another hour for me to finish the night show, and then, I don't know what's gonna happen since the family he's staying with is gonna be at a family dinner. It aughta be an interesting weekend. On Sunday my brother is coming up for my other brother's grad party and then I fly back with him on the 23rd. I think I already covered this though. Anyway, Twill be a busy weekend for sure.
Peace out ya'll.

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